About Joey.com.mt

Malta may seem small, but it's bigger than you think

With so many companies offering so many different services, the last thing you want to do is spend the day calling and contacting companies, trying to get the information you need. Luckily, Joey doesn’t like to waste time. Joey likes to be efficient.

More than anything, Joey likes to make contacting several companies easy. Very easy.


Are you looking for a very specific item? Do you need some information about a certain product or service? Do you need a job done urgently?

Joey.com.mt makes all of that, and more, accessible with just a few clicks.

Reach out to multiple businesses, simultaneously. Compare information from companies all over Malta and Gozo, and see which service provider suits you best. Then you can decide which company to deal with.

Just fill out the form on our website, select whatever you need, and sit back and let the businesses come to you.

It’s that easy. Let Joey deal with everyone else and save you time; it’s what makes him happy, after all.